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about us

Performing Arts in the Community

Blaize is a community arts and social enterprise company working primarily in rural areas; our work involves drama, dance, music, digital and visual arts. We work at the forefront of community arts and small-scale touring theatre.  We provide an extensive range of participatory projects and practical arts workshops for all age groups and abilities and tour throughout the country.

The company was established in 1980 and is a regularly funded organisation of the Arts Council England, Yorkshire in recognition of our key strategic role in developing rural arts in the region.

The company is also supported by North Yorkshire County Council, East Riding of Yorkshire Council and receives project funding for individual programmes of work.

Working Practice

We aim for people to enjoy and participate in the experience of creativity in their neighbourhood for a special event, training or just fun.  

We facilitate access to the arts for the community; our aim is to ensure that the skills of art and performance are available at whatever level the client desires.  

Our collaborative and flexible approach means that we can respond to any interest or need; consequently, our projects are often commissioned by organisations or initiated by a local group and then developed through consultation with them and our professional partners.  We ensure that editorial control is retained by the clients or participants so that full significance is given to the local values>

We aim to make our work accessible to all in its content and location.

Blaize is a registered company limited by guarantee and comprises:

Mike Bettison, Artistic Director.   Jim Woodland, Associate Artistic Director 

Ellen Thorpe, General Manager and Administrator

In addition Blaize and ArtERY use the marketing services of Cally Barker.

Paula J Horton works regularly with Blaize as an Artist and currently
assists with the administration of the company